Different types of Machines and the Process

Different Types of Laminators

Three types of lamination machines are used in the industry. These are pouch laminators, heated roll laminators, and cold roll laminators. Each one uses a different type of machine process and different film materials. These machines vary in size from industrial, to commercial, or for home use.  The size of the material being laminated determines machinery size bigger for the automotive industry, while one may be smaller for specialty/individualized printing. However, they would both still fall under Industrial because of the quantity of product being laminated.



Pouch Laminator Heated Roller Cold Roller
·         Smaller

·         Used for home/office

·         Pouch is sealed on one side

·         Butterfly pouches(ID cards)

·         Can embed magnetic strips


·         One or two large rollers

·         Used for commercial use

·         Used for industrial use

·         Cheaper than cold roll


·         Used for photos, printed material

·         Mandrels are used to help move film along

·         Liquid adhesive

·         Glossy Finish

·         Signs, large hoardings

·         Glass and steel

·         Pressure Sensitive

Pouch Laminator Process

  • Inside of pouch is coated with heat activated film
  • Film adheres to product as it is being laminated
  • Board substrate side holds adhesive
  • Heat activated adhesive is used

Heated Roller Process

  • Melted glue is applied to film with hot rollers
  • Two rollers are used (one on top, one fixed at the bottom)
  • Glue is room temperature, liquid when heated, and solidifies upon cooling

Cold Roller Process

  • After removal of glossy finish, adhesive sticks to film
  • Products that are heat sensitive can be laminated
  • Smaller rollers with use of plastic film