Different Types of Films and their Properties

Laminating Films and their Properties

The laminating industry uses various types of film. The type of film used depends on the material being lamented, the industry using the film, and if the film is heat sensitive or not. Below, are the most common films organized by machine.

Pouch Laminator Process

  • Standard Clear Film– most common, imported from overseas, cheaper than American made
  • Select Film– U.S. made, best quality, costs more than standard clear
  • Matte Film – slightly granular, frosted texture to reduce glare, reduces smudging
  • Pressure Sensitive – sticky backing, passed through a laminator and then back can be pealed and stuck to surface
  • UV/UL – outdoor lamination, filter out harmful rays from sun (can cause fading)


Heated Roller Process  

  • Clear Film– popular with schools and copy shops, glass like appearance
  • Matte Film– high- quality, glare free finish, granular texture that is frosted to reduce glare
  • UV Film– benefits of UV protections, lasts 5X longer UV is used to laminate

Cold Roller Process

  • Pressure Sensitive– no heat required, used for most difficult materials, different varnishes available