Lamination and Construction Industry General Information

Glue Laminated Construction

Glue laminated construction products are used in commercial and residential structural products. Over 100 years ago, originating in Europe, laminated lumber was used on job sites. The wood, bonded with a waterproof adhesive, allows for wider structures.  The wood can be manufactured either vertically or horizontally. It can be straight, curved, tapered, or arching. Most of the wood is used for decking, columns, beams, or trusses. Almost any type of wood can be used. Softwoods and hardwoods can be glued together. Glue laminated construction products are mostly used for detailed and aesthetic architectural design elements.


Glue laminated products are classified by appearance, and have been given labels by the Engineered Wood Association. The labels are Premium Appearance, Architectural Appearance, Industrial Appearance and Framing Appearance. These glue laminated products offer strength and have a longer life span than regular lumber. Minimal shrinkage and minimal warping are added benefits of using glue laminated construction materials. Steel also falls short compared with the benefits of glue laminated products. Glue laminated lumber is lighter weight and needs fewer vertical supports. Tools and fasteners that are used for regular lumber can also be used while working with these products.